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After more than six years of experience as a wedding photographer I narrowed down some of the best and valuable questions that brides have asked me and I know that this will help them make the best choice on who to hire as their wedding photographer.

What is my promise to all of my Brides?

My promise to you is to highlight the version of yourself that you will fall in love with over and over. I understand your energy and interaction as a couple to deliver connections and emotions that truly comes when you interact with each other. I guide you with poses that flatter you and unfold into candid moments that accentuate your connections. 

How would you describe your style?

While I consider my style bright and airy with a film aesthetic, I believe it doesn’t stop there. My style goes beyond that. My goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera, while I understand  your energy and personality thought out guiding you into natural posing. My editing will accentuate your natural beauty which will always have the true colors of your surroundings.

Tell me about the process for your sessions

During your session, you can expect guided posing at the beginning. This will help you warm up for the candid moments. 

During this time, I analyze and study your energy as a couple and your individual personality which will determinate the vibe of your session. My goal is to create natural poses that relate with you as a couple and show off your love. 

As a result we are able to unfold your personalities and elevate the best version of yourself. That would allow images that look timeless, effortless  and chic.

How we make sure all of our details are cover

Communication is the key. From our first discovery call, I am asking questions to create the best experience. I know that paying attention to details is extremely important in my business. Getting to know you as a couple, and making the connection as humans will allow to execute the best coverage for your wedding. Getting to know the little details, such as people flying in to town that you haven’t seen for so many years let’s me know just how much more special their attendance at your wedding is. These are things that I really care about and will cater to for my couples.  

Time deliveries

This is a good one. I know that all photographers have a different opinion about delivery times and it’s totally valid. The only thing that I recommended is to ask in advance to have transparency and the correct expectations. I deliver the online gallery for an engagement session within two weeks if I am just shooting digital. However, that time extends to four weeks if I am shooting Hybrid (Digital + Film). The difference between them is that with film I need to send the rolls to the lab though the post office and then wait for the scans to be developed and returned. 

Now for a wedding day online gallery, the delivery timeframe is four weeks when I am shooting digital and six to seven weeks if I am shooting Hybrid (Digital + Film). The same process will happened with the rolls of film being sent to the lab.

How much editing goes to your photos?

When I’m editing your wedding photos my style is bright and airy with a film look, so my style allows me to preserve the colors you are seeing the day of your wedding day and I always deliver images true to color that will look timeless and classic over the years to come. I will go a step forward and edit anything in the background that is competing with the focal point (that is you). Things like trashcans, trash, people in the background, etc., are things that I will take out, to deliver a clean and professional look to your photos.


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